Information / Sensibilisation

HR Mediation offers sessions of information and sensibilisation to organizations and their members, allowing them to know more about the intervention modes available to prevent or manage difficult situations, disputes and complaints.

Between two and four hours, these presentations, conferences and workshops help raise managers’ and employees’ awareness on various subjects related to the emergence and resolution of conflicts such as : communication, mediation, how to prepare for a negotiation, psychological harassment, how to maintain a healthy work atmosphere and the various prevention and intervention modes.

Support / Coaching

Coaching services are available to support managers, executives, team leaders, human resources advisors and other intervenants in the management of difficult situations, conflicts and complaints.

This support service may take various forms: an accompanied intervention, a meeting on how to deal with a difficult situation, a telephone conversation for advice, coaching or follow-up.

HR Mediation’s goal is to foster the development of skills and autonomy of the persons having to deal with such situations in their organization.