Neutral evaluation

A neutral evaluation is a process which provides the overall picture of a problematic situation affecting an organization, taking into account the context in which it developed.  It may be deficient communications, interpersonal conflicts, alleged harassment, the questioning of a leadership, the impact of a restructuring, an unhealthy work atmosphere or any other relational, structural or organizational issue.

Based on the information provided by individuals of the work environment, the neutral evaluator identifies possible causes and makes recommendations on appropriate measures which could be adopted to deal with the situation.  Neutral evaluation is an interesting alternative to the investigation process in the context of harassment complaints.  It goes beyond the legal analysis and contains observations and recommendations allowing the organization to approach the problem with a larger perspective, in a constructive way.

HR Mediation adopts an ethical and respectful approach which favors collaboration.


HR Mediation offers services of admissibility analysis and of investigation on psychological harassment complaints, using fair, rigorous and reliable processes.

The collection of facts and testimonies, analysis of the admissibility or merit of the allegations and the drafting of reports are done impartially and confidentially, according to the highest professional standards and with the greatest respect for the persons involved.

HR Mediation favors an approach which aims at minimizing the human and financial impacts of these situations and accepts mandates from employers, labor unions as well as joint employer-labor union mandates.

“Meet organizations’ expectations while respecting people”

 “Identify, understand, act”