HR Mediation offers trainings to support organizations in the development of their employees’ skills in communication and in the management of interpersonal conflicts, helping them maintain a healthy work environment.  These trainings are designed for individuals of all hierarchical levels: executives, managers, team leaders, coordinators, administrative personnel and any other employees.

With a theoretical and practical approach, every training encourages interaction and favors the appropriation of knowledge and skills by the participants.

HR Mediation collaborates with its clients so that each formation offered meet the specific needs and expectations of the organization.

Among the trainings offered:


Prevent or solve difficult situations

This training helps the participants become aware of the causes of tensions and conflicts, learn how to deal with negative reactions, difficult behaviors, strong feelings and how to better manage problematic situations.

Psychological harassment

This training provides information on what constitutes psychological harassment, on the treatment of complaints, on the respective obligations of the employer, the labor union and the employee as well as on the various modes of intervention possible to manage or prevent situations of harassment.

The transformative approach in conflict resolution

This training is offered to mediators, human resources advisors, legal counsels, managers and interveners in dispute resolution, allowing them to learn about the principles and the intervention tools of the transformative approach.